UP Aerospace SL 14 Launch Video from November 2019

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UP Aerospace SL 14 Launch Video from November 2019

Postby OverTheTop » Sat Jan 18, 2020 11:47 am

UP Aerospace SL 14 Launch Video from November 2019
Cross posted from an original post on TRA forum, by Bruce Lee

Spaceport America released the UP Aerospace SL 14 launch video today. What they didn't mention is that this was our first 2 stage launch. The second stage was a test to prove that we could do it, use a special motor specially built for NASA, also testing flight termination electronics and this was a demonstration of our capabilities for our orbital vehicle which is a 4 stage all solids we call Spyder. This particular video was produced by Spaceport America.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9& ... 94q0cKjGu8

Here is a link to the number one launch video on the internet, just over 13.4 million hits so far. Its the GoPro Video Awards video of our first in space separation launch with incredible floating in space footage.

Here is a link for the VNR B Roll video of Tripoli's second launch to space by the CSXT team in 2014 (10 year anniversary of the first launch to space by amateurs CSXT Tripoli Team). This second launch was also sponsored by the FAA to test out ADS b tracking on sounding rockets.
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