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Re: SnG

Postby Kryten » Thu Dec 24, 2015 8:10 am

Lister wrote:What is PVA mould release? I have seen it in the paint place in bendigo but wasnt sure if it would work for what im doing.
Poly vinyl alcohol dissolved in alcohol/water. Spray/brush/wipe it on, allow the solvent to evaporate and you're left with a parting film. Painters use it instead of masking tape
Lister wrote:To make a split mandrel do I just cut it in half and have it so I can inser a pin on an diagonal at each end to keep the halves togethe.. or is it with an expansion joint that can be made bigger or smaller with a bolt.. or something completely different?
I was thinking of a removable insert in the slit, but use whatever works for you!
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Re: SnG

Postby Lister » Thu Dec 24, 2015 11:10 am

This nose is going on a tank buster upscale so the fact it looks like a military shell is good.. I think I will leave it unpainted as I like the look of it as is.

thanks Kryten, I will get some PVA and have a go. Is there any material you cant use PVA on, polystyrene for example?

Does the removable insert need to be very wide, and does it go from the core to the outside and actually wedge the mandrel open a bit, slightly increasing diameter when the wedge is inserted?

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