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Re: Rocket stand

Postby hybridhighflyer » Thu Feb 04, 2010 12:34 pm

If it was my mum in law I still would have done it..... the wife a different story.

Mum in law I would have done it and given her one for christmas. Whats good about this is she would nagg to the dad in law so either way I win.

Its ok she is nice to me too lol

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Re: Rocket stand

Postby strud » Fri Feb 26, 2010 9:14 am

Scoop I like your PVC modular design, methinks I'll make something like that too


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Children, today we're going to learn about space
Children, today we're going to learn about space
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Re: Rocket stand

Postby str8up » Tue Jan 01, 2013 9:58 am

A slight variation on the theme - a cheap vertical stand for 24 mm, 29 mm, 38 mm and 54 mm MMT rockets.

Bunnings have 40 cm "Moretti" pedistal fans on sale for $12 - in the catalogue, but our local store has them for $10.
Now it is light weight Chinese steel in the 'legs' but for $10 its a cheap way to get a stand - and it only takes 4 screws to assemble.
I use the bottom "pedistal" section of a pedistal fan and disgarded the fan part. 600 mm X feet with a 32 mm diameter 350 mm high vertical tube.
Take off the tightening ring for the height agjustment of the fan and it fits a 38 mm MMT very nicely and even has a plastic top to the tube. (Just push the top thinner diameter tube of the pedistal down out of the way or disgard)
For $10 it is a cheap and simple solution to sorting your rockets vertically - and isn't that the way rockets are supposed to look.
With the 43 mm diameter tightening ring in position a 54 mm MMT rocket sits on the stand nicely.
The top tube of the pedistal is 22 mm diameter and so will support a 24 mm or a 29 mm MMT rocket. My 29 mm MMT rockets with a HAMR retainers sit down very neatly on the plastic tightening ring and this holds the rocket vertical dispite the smaller diameter of the tube itself.
I will build more substantial stands in the future but for now these are a quick and simple way to display my rockets.

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