GDay from Central Queensland

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GDay from Central Queensland

Postby Vinnie » Tue Apr 23, 2019 5:46 pm

My member name is Vinnie, and hey! that's my given name! (Well at least what everyone including SWMBO calls me)

I'm a mid 60's semi retiree and my main hobby is Astronomy, so it follows that I'd have a crack at a few rockets. Always wanted to but never got the time. Oh and I'm a very hands on person, (old style metal tradesman actually) pretty much can build anything, a house, a shed, rebuild a car engine, a telescope, a kitchen table, you get the idea?

So I bought a cheap Estes kit rocket, can't remember what it was called, but it is black and is a 25mm tube that all clips together with a couple of dobs of Araldite, used that as a model, and built from there. Bought some cardboard tubes, looked at a lot of pictures, bought some plastic nose cones, some sheets of balsa wood, and obviously some engines, looked at more pictures and sort of scaled things a bit. A sharp knife, some sandpaper, some auto primer and spray putty (Yeah have compressor and spray guns), some enamel. Even scaled out an Estes Loadstar 2 stage from pictures.

"Launch Pad" is a 1 metre length of 1/8 brass rod threaded and fitted to a 3mm piece of offcut aluminium sheet.

"Launch Controller" Read some stuff about this. Appeared that Estes igniters aren't so reliable? or maybe using little AA batteries or 9v batteries wasn't so good. Already had a 12v 900a peak cranking jump start pack, cable, all sorts of stuff. Off to Jaycar for a project box, and a on off switch with a key lock. Already had bit of solder, couple of alligator clips, couple of red lights, a push button and 10 metres of figure 8 15a rated dual core and hey presto.

First launch was Easter Sunday. Got access to a couple of hundred acres just out of town. Evey thing went great until I lost one when the wind picked up a bit and it drifted via parachute at who knows how high and way out of sight, but the two stage was particularly impressive.

Admittedly these are just little rockets, only powered by C series engines, no bigger than BT55 tubes, and I guess if you play in the big league then it becomes a different game, but it "Ain't Rocket Science" at my level.

Lots of fun and I've ordered more tubes

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Re: GDay from Central Queensland

Postby SpaceManMat » Wed Jun 12, 2019 8:17 am

Hi vine, welcome to the forms. Sounds like you’ve figured a bunch out and having lots of fun.

If you can swing it some time come visit us at Jimboomba, or perhaps you are closer to westmar?
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Re: GDay from Central Queensland

Postby OverTheTop » Wed Jun 12, 2019 9:58 am

Welcome to the forum Vinnie. Lots of information and helpful people here.

See if you can get along to a club launch (QRS) sometime. Don't forget to bring your rocket(s) to fly. They fly everything from A and up in motors. Seeing some high-power flights will probably knock your socks off!

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