New staging mechanism details

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New staging mechanism details

Postby air.command » Wed Jul 16, 2008 9:01 pm

Over the last few months we have been slowly working on an all-mechanical staging mechanism design that simply screws into the top of a booster, and the sustainer (with a Gardena nozzle) fits directly into the top.

We've flown it a number of times now on a small test booster and sustainer at our local park to make sure it works. The full details of how the mechanism works are here:

The results of the test flights are here:

We are keen to try it on bigger boosters and sustainers, although we will have to fly it at Doonside since the local park is too small. I'm not sure we will get a new booster built by the 26th Launch date, but should have it for the next one. :D

- George
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