Fiberglassing bottles

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Fiberglassing bottles

Postby air.command » Fri Apr 16, 2010 8:38 am

Since everyone is so keen on wrapping their airframes with glass/carbon fibre we too thought we'd give it a go. Thanks to everyone for their very helpful tips and suggestions.

Over the last couple of weeks we've been wrapping bottles with fiberglass and doing some pressure tests to see how much they can hold.


Amazing eh? .... not a bottle of beer in sight!

So far things are looking quite promising. We tested bottles wrapped with a single layer of 200gsm fiberglass as well as double wrap. The double wrapped bottles definitively look like they have a significant advantage over what we have been using to date.

We ran a number of simulations comparing the different ways we reinforce bottles to see at what point the extra weight of the fiberglass can be compensated by the extra pressure it can hold.

With the double wrapped bottles we were unable to determine the burst pressure as our test equipment currently only goes to 300psi. All the double wrapped bottles held up fine to this pressure. When we assemble a rocket out of them, we will most likely launch at 250psi to be on the safe side.

More info on the bottles and test results is available on our website here:

Here is a couple of graphs from the simulation results:



- George
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