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Postby LftnDbt » Thu Nov 06, 2008 7:57 pm

water rocketry man wrote:3mm ply, im not sure if my ply is water proof i got it from bunnings.

Oh, I can see myself coming in handy already. :D

The ply at Bunnings is Luan ply. Generally it is either a laminated pine sheet or occasionally we get semi hardwood ply (darker coloured).

Neither of which are "Water proof". "Water proof" ply would be marine ply. Which Bunnings does not stock 3 mm sheets of.

As long as your ply dries out and doesn't stay moist. It should be good for a reasonible amount of time.
A clear coat of silicon or any water proofing membrane (as another member stated) will give them water protection for years to come. They may not unfortunatley last that long.

Here's a tip for you all. Most model makers know what cauflued (sp?) is. Semi rigid sheeting, two solid outer layers and internal structures which make up a 3mm sheet.
Great stuff to model with or perhaps knock up some fins....

Now here's the tip. Instead of buying the white sheets (about $25 for a 50cmx40cm sheet. approx), go speak to the team members whom work in the landscaping area.
The 40cmx40cm coloured pavers normally come separated by a layer of the sheet. There is about 10 sheets per pallet. Ask the team members to put them aside for you to collects at the end of the week.
The sheets of it are the size of a pallet. 1.2mx1.2m..

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