Cesaroni propellant types now available

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Cesaroni propellant types now available

Postby kopius » Mon May 13, 2013 12:07 pm

I have recently updated all CTI motors online to reflect the propellant types. The following list is a breakdown of the different types. These will eventually be added into the matrix I am working on.

CL = Classic
W = White
WT = White Thunder
BS = Blue Streak
GR = Green
RL = Red Lightning
PI = Pink
SK = Skidmark
SS = Smoky Sam
IM = Imax
VM = Vmax
CS = C-Star

Further extensions on certain motors are:

DT = Dual Thrust
LB = Long Burn
MB = Moon Burner

Propellant types are trademarks of Cesaroni Technology Inc.
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