Rocket Motor and Hardware Matrix

This is for all Australian Rocketry orders to RCS/Aerotech, PML, LOC/Precision, Always Ready Rocketry, G-Wiz Partners, Cesaroni pro-X, Animal Motor Works, Altus Metrum

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Rocket Motor and Hardware Matrix

Postby kopius » Sun Jul 21, 2013 8:46 am

I have now finished a number of matrices to compare different sizes of rocket motors and hardware from the manufacturers in which Australian Rocketry Pty Ltd supplies.

These matrices are designed to help flyers easily find available reloadable motors for the relevant hardware, compare different manufacturers and link to the respective product pages for both hardware and motors.

They are broken down into three (3) sections:
1. Reloadable Motor 'Hardware' Matrix - Available sizes of reloadable motor hardware with links to the respective hardware pages.

2. Motor Matrix by Size of Hardware/Casing - Available sizes of 'Single Use' (SU) and 'Reloadable' rocket motors with links to respective motor lists.

3. Rocket Motor Manufacturers Matrices (Motor hardware sizes with available motors) - Because of the large amount of information available, these have been broken up into the different manufacturers.

Please read all of the information available to completely understand things such as motor designations, comparisons and compatibilities with hardware.

The rocket motor and hardware matrices can be found on the front page of the Australian Rocketry web store and also under 'Getting Started'.
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It's only money...
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Re: Rocket Motor and Hardware Matrix

Postby OverTheTop » Sun Jul 21, 2013 11:35 am

Maybe you can put on the motor purchasing pages where the motor designation is listed (eg 131G84-10A (GR) ) an expansion of what the motor type is, for those of us less experienced in reading the motor designations. In this case I assume a "GR" is a green propellant maybe?

This could speed up our browsing and purchasing :)
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