New Zealand Rocketry Association

We are looking for other exisiting Rocketry Clubs in Australia??

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New Zealand Rocketry Association

Postby Wingnut » Wed Jun 10, 2009 5:24 pm

They may not strictly fit the definition of this area of the forum, but did you know that our ANZAC mates across the ditch have been doing some very cool stuff?

The New Zealand Rocketry Association is the only rocket club in NZ but they sure are active. In September last year one member, Phil Vuckovich, set a new altitude record for an amateur rocket in New Zealand, lifting the benchmark from 14,700 feet to 27,700 feet on the equivalent of an N4500 motor. Another NZRA member, Martin van Tiel, had held the previous record for about two years with a N2000 sugar motor. Those NZRA boys sure are a competitive mob. You can take a squiz at some other cool projects from around the NZRA at

I know, this is old news but Rocketry Planet has some video of the record setting flight (top right-hand part of the screen):Ciao,

Duck Lucker
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Born to do it!
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Re: New Zealand Rocketry Association

Postby Duck Lucker » Sat Jun 28, 2014 8:43 am

Just noticed this post from years back.

Martin Van Tiel's motor was APCP motor of around 13-14kns averaged out at about an N2000 for easy memory.
I flew the same motor back in 2002. He is the only person in NZ licenced to develop and build/use his own rocket motors.
Still to note since those days, Non commercial motors not used within the NZRA's involvements etc.

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