Rocket launched UAV

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Rocket launched UAV

Postby High Impulse » Wed Apr 29, 2015 1:56 pm

Hi all,

So given that Nic has kinda blown high velocity and high altitude flights out of the water I thought perhaps that I would give something a little different a try.

Hence as the title suggests I was thinking about having a UAV with folding wings and a propellor driven propulsion system that is launched vertically by most probably a 29mm CTI motor to ~2000ft and then have the motor disengage and parachute back to earth. Then the wings would sweep forward (think F111 in reverse (I thought sweeping then would give better aerodynamics on the way up plus make things a little cooler)) and either a propellor mounted in the nose or the tail (predator drone style) would activate and it could be controlled and guided to the ground (or lazily loft among the clouds) .

Know I am fully aware of the challenges with such a project and I don't intend on jumping straight in, nor even starting for at least 6 months. However I was wanting to get some opinions on a) the viability of this project,
B) the size of the vehicle required (I was hoping to keep thing within a 38 airframe or at the very worst 54mm),
C). Any general advice with issues surrounding vehicular control at extended distance and
D) what are the laws and regulations surrounding the possible devices operation at a QRS launch day?

Any advice on this matter would be great and hopefully it will give me the wisdom I need to give it the green light.



Ps I hope it isn't in the wrong column. I didn't really want to post in scratchbuilt because I have no drawings or know whether or not it would go ahead so I thought here might be a good place for a general discussion of the concept then if it gets ofthe ground move to a scratchbuilt build thread.
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