Camera part 2

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Camera part 2

Postby drew » Fri May 01, 2020 6:24 pm

So after PK's thread regarding small form factor cameras it hit me that the GoPro Session lines have been OOP for some time now and there must surely be some new cameras available that are very small and adapatable to our use case. Fairly quickly I found myself on HobbyKing looking at some of the FPV offerings. Then I remembered Mike P. flew a RunCam a while back and I thought they'd be worth looking at again. I was right. (thanks Mike!)

First off, it appears that a fair amount of the FPV camera manfacturers have continued with the Hero Session form factor (38mm x38mm x36mm) and made their own offerings. For instance:

Runcam 5 Orange

Caddx Orca

Firefly Micro 2
Kinda a Session form factor, but slightly smaller (30mm x30mm x36mm)

But while I was looking at these cameras my eyes wandered to the splits. These seem borderline ideal for our use case from a "flying camera inside av bay" perspective. I don't want a bulky case around the camera and board ideally, and having the two split gives a smaller footprint when compared to all in one units. Most of the splits and FPV cameras don't write out video data to microSD. But there is a subset that does and look quite useful imo. And while some (like the RunCam Split 3) state you shouldn't run them directly off a LiPo it does work in that manner. Apparently you can put a BEC in-line between a LiPo and board and it automagically solves everything but that's something I've read, not something I know.

Anyway, here's a few of the "split" cameras with onboard HD video recording.

Runcam Split 3

Caddx Baby Turtle

HawkEye Firefly Split Mini 4k

I was thinking an epoxy conformal coating on the board would be a value add, especially on the join between the board and lens train. Any comments on that? Anyone got any experience with split cameras from a RC or rocketry perspective?
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Re: Camera part 2

Postby strud » Fri May 01, 2020 7:52 pm

Thanks Drew

Thinking about mini/micro cameras of this type now myself. Looks like a great couple of options there for pretty reasonable prices.

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