Cable cutter

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Cable cutter

Postby Hughie » Sat Mar 14, 2015 4:01 am

Dos anyone know anyone who makes/sells cable cutters locally?

Been having trouble sourcing one online and dont really like buying stuff direct from the usa if possible (usps delivery times are atrocious here)



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Re: Cable cutter

Postby SpaceManMat » Mon Apr 13, 2015 6:33 pm

I don't think there is anyone local although you may be able to get someone here to make you up one. Perhaps Blake would like to stock them, I would be interested too.

I think these are generally where one would purchase these ... ducts.html ... -rocketry/

Also fruity chutes have these
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Re: Cable cutter

Postby martymonsta » Mon Apr 13, 2015 6:49 pm

If you just want to keep a burrito warp secure and are looking at the cable tie styled cutters you can make something that will hold the same kind of force by getting some 80 pound braid fishing line tying it around the Nomex protector and taping an e-match to it with some really good electrical tape. I actually used this set up as a tether to keep the main deployment bag in the airframe on my L2 flight however in hindsight I won't be doing this again due to the likelihood of certain failure if a high speed separation event takes place.
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Re: Cable cutter

Postby natty » Sun May 29, 2016 1:04 am

I got some quotes from a couple of machine shops to machine them up - even in batches of 100 it was cheaper to bring them in from the US
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Re: Cable cutter

Postby Oldboy » Sun May 29, 2016 8:46 pm

pm me your address and send you two of my "ghetto cable cutters" free of charge
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