First look Raven 4

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First look Raven 4

Postby SpaceManMat » Thu Jun 21, 2018 1:03 pm

Adrian is asking for feedback on features for his new Raven 4 protype on TRF. Looks like at the moment it will be pretty much the same form and features just a upgraded specs. ... ad.146560/

The current Raven3 uses an accelerometer that is obsolete, and no similar-footprint parts are available. Since I have to re-spin the design to replace that function, I'm also improving the Raven in a number of other areas that have been an issue over the years. So far, the upgrades are:
Use a digital-output accelerometer (This will hopefully make the acceleration measurements more accurate in addition to fixing the availability problem)
Increase the deployment channel current up to 25 Amp capability. This should prevent damage for in the case of a short when using a medium-sized lipo battery
Larger 4-40 mounting holes, with plated space around the hole rather than circuit traces
Acceleration range up to 100 Gs, with the possibility of higher Gs with a software update. Not sure yet if the sensor would be accurate enough at low Gs to enable that yet.
Micro-B USB connector now that Mini-B USB connectors are not so available
Significantly lower power consumption for longer run-time
Compatible with higher input voltages (though 4V is still recommended)
The new Raven will have the same features that have made it unique:
Same small board outline and connector, so all Raven accessories will still work
Same extensive high-rate data collected and displayed in the Featherweight Interface Program (FIP)
Same 4 output channels with flexible programming
Same huge hold-up capacitor that keeps the altimeter running even if the battery is continuously shorted through the outputs for several seconds
I'm posting this thread here to solicit feedback for other improvements that could be made. The groundrules for this revision are:
No changes to the data sent to/from the FIP, so we don't have to spend time on FIP updates that could be spent on GPS tracker upgrades
Limited space for new capability in the microcontroller, since I'm sticking with the same one used in the Raven3, again to save development time.
No changes to board size or connector, to preserve compatibility with existing accessories
Some other things that might be possible if it looks like the cost/benefit is there are pads to connect an external LED, or changes to LED colors, beeper tones. Anything else?
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