DireWolf: an excellent soft modem/TNC for APRS

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DireWolf: an excellent soft modem/TNC for APRS

Postby strud » Mon Jul 27, 2020 8:37 am

I've been playing around a fair bit of late testing my APRS packet radio system and came across this excellent soft modem/TNC called DireWolf

This presentation covers it and the whole realm very well;


Github repo:


It has some unique features that make it an excellent decoder for APRS, but as I have learned, can make you think your encoding solution is solid when infact it is only because DireWolf is so good that you think this......

I intend to use it as a basestation at a launch to decode and log to file all my packets for later analysis.

Look over the presentation above for a great rundown.

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