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Postby Bones » Sun Apr 19, 2009 11:48 am

It finally happened... After almost 2 years an order has been lost in transit. Good old Aussie post finally crumbled under the pressure and at this stage it is looking like the parcel is not going to surface.

Up until now I have left it to customers to specify if they want their parcel sent via registered post, this will continue with the exception that all orders valued over $150 will now default to being sent via registered post. For those orders which exceed $150 I will cover the added cost (in full), of sending your order registered post.

For all other orders valued over $75.00 where registered post is specified when the order is placed, I will pick-up half the value as an incentive to pay a little extra for this security. In this instance this will equate to your order being sent registered post for just $1.50 extra.

Despite now sending out several hundred orders and only having one gone missing (which is a pretty good track record for Aussie Post), I still think the added cost of registered post is good insurance.
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