Aero Pack retainers

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Aero Pack retainers

Postby Bones » Sat Jun 27, 2009 11:22 am

I am pleased to advise that Suburban Rocketry is now an official distributor for the Aero Pack range of engine retainers. Ever so slowly our HPR range is building up and I think this product will nicely compliment our increasing HPR offerings.




I am in the process of putting together my first stock order which will be placed early next week and should be here a few weeks after that.

This is an expensive product and the cost to put in a full range with large quantities of each is out of my reach. As a result, only small quantities will be initially stocked of selected products. In time if interest is shown I will gradually expand into what I suspect will be some of the slower moving products....

I am keen to take pre-orders of this product for anyone who is interested as it helps me get my stock levels correct especially with such an unknown product. Full product details for the range of retainers can be found here

Final pricing should be roughly on par with the Aero Pack advertised price converted to Australian dollars plus a buck or two to cover the currency conversion fees that I get charged.

Let me know! My plan is to place a stock order on Tuesday night (30/6/2009)

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