2010 EMRR Challenge

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2010 EMRR Challenge

Postby tazzdevl1 » Sat Feb 20, 2010 2:37 am

Essence's Model Rocketry Reviews is pleased to announce their sixth annual EMRR Challenge. Towards the end of 2009 EMRR was so busy it seemed like they needed to split themselves in two. The 2010 EMRR Challenge will help you appreciate that feeling and have twice the fun! Milestones such as “Two at Once” and “Two on One” are just two of steps to reach for the gold! The Challenge is designed to provide rocketeers with some milestones to achieve throughout the year with the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes.

Gold Prize: We have two Gold Prizes this year!
$150 shopping spree at Semroc – AND
$150 shopping spree at Starlight.
$300 total value!
Bonus: Everyone that reaches the Gold Prize level will receive the next version of the EMRR Calendar!

Silver Prize: $150 shopping spree at
Jon Rocket.com.
Bonus: Everyone that reaches the Silver Level will receive the next version of “EMRR Drag Race”

Bronze Prize: $50 shopping spree at Odd’l Rockets.
Bonus: All participants that reach the Bronze level will receive an EMRR Mini Poster!

The contest has been designed to allow faster progression toward the various prize levels. The milestone bonuses from last year are still in place which helps encourage participation and not procrastination. The HIT LIST rocket builds are generated from entrants existing build pile as long as the rocket has not yet been reviewed on EMRR.

Prizes totaling over $1000, simplified criteria, and a focus on staged rockets are sure to get everyone involved. Sign up today.

But wait, there's more! Additional bonus prizes are available for those that participate in the 2010 "Spaceship Design Contest."

The primary sponsorship comes from ARA Press. The top three winners will receive a selection of their choice from ARA’s line of exciting rocketry related books. Other prizes include rockets from Art Applewhite Rockets, Sirius Rocketry, Fliskits and Space CAD.

EMRR has focused this spaceship challenge on the "Future of Space Travel." There are six spaceship designs that are better suited to the wide-variety of skill and available supplies that most rocketeers have available to them.

For more information and to sign up, visit EMRR at http://www.rocketreviews.com/ and click on "Contests."

The challenge runs from 1/15/10 - 12/15/10. Drawing to take place on/about 1/1/11.

For more information about the sponsors of these two contests visit:

Semroc Astronautics - http://www.semroc.com
Starlight Rocketry - http://www.starlightrocketry.com
Jon Rocket – http://www.jonrocket.com
Odd’l Rockets - http://www.oddlrockets.com
ARA Press - http://www.arapress.com
Art Applewhite Rockets – http://www.artapplewhite.com
Sirius Rocketry – http://www.siriusrocketry.com
Fliskits – http://www.fliskits.com
Space CAD – http://www.spacecad.com

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