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EMRR Contests Ending Soon!

Posted: Sun Apr 11, 2010 12:30 am
by tazzdevl1
Essence’s Model Rocket Reviews wishes to remind everyone that several of the current contests are ending soon.

The Two at Once Photo contest will be ending on 05/01/2010. Capture photos of two rockets. They can be photos of either two of your rockets, or one of your rockets and one of your buddy’s. Submit them to EMRR to join in on the fun. Check out the details for the Two At Once Photo Contest by clicking on the link below. ... st21.shtml

You can also have twice the fun by participating in the Virtual Rocket – Kit Bash contest. Go to your virtual rocket lab and design some rockets that use parts from two classic or current rocket kits. As a bonus, if you actually build and fly the designs EMRR will add points to your score! But, hurry this contest will end on 05/31/2010. Click the link below for more details. ... st14.shtml

EMRR will announce winners for the Quarterly Rocket Give-away and the Super Hit List soon.

So, get going! These contest and many others are still going. But, like all good things, will end soon. Get those photos and designs submitted before these contests are over. Remember to check out the other contests EMRR is hosting. Go to the link below to find more details on all the EMRR contests.