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Postby Tarpazium » Wed Mar 17, 2010 7:56 am

Hi Nev

I have noticed the Canberra Club's link (and I take it affiliation) to IEAS.


I was wondering, if you would like to tell some of the other clubs and members here details of this body and the benefits of your association with them?

I did see that the majority of member organisations to date were US based. Can I ask is IEAS intending to expand an active Australian Program?

or are you intending to create one?

(With all these things. it only takes someone to drive them)

I had also wondered if you were familiar with the launch program conducted by ASRI at Woomera ?


If the Canberra club does have an interest in this field of rocketry, it may be worth considering joining ASRI the organization and even collaborating on a Canberra club designed payload.

We have come a long way since Australia's first joint UK Venture into Space circa 1960's
(I think at that time, we ONLY provided the Desert)




If you do express and interest in these Australian based activities, then there are several members here on the forum, who are current ASRI members, who I am sure would be happy to assist you further with your interest in being involved space research within Oz.

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