Canberra Rocketry Group 5th August Launch

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Canberra Rocketry Group 5th August Launch

Postby Busterandjo » Tue Aug 14, 2012 10:32 pm

Despite the weather we had some great launches on the 5th August. We had 5 launch pads operating and with a number of junior member launching as well. We also had a few visitors come along to have a look at rocketry in action. One of the young kids was so excited at the thought of coming out, he built his very own rocket to bring along to show us.

We all had quite a few successful launches and recoveries before the wind picked up too much. To get the visiting kids hooked on rocketry, they were allowed to do the countdown and then press the launch button on a few rockets so they could say they had launched a rocket.

While in the US earlier this year, I visited the Apogee Rocketry Components factory in Colorado Springs. While there I purchased an offset cluster engine screamer and a rectangular rocket (Quadzilla). The plan with the Quadzilla was to deck it out in LED lights for night launching, but thought I would give it a test run to iron out any kinks etc before launching at night.

The screamer went like its name with a perfect liftoff and recovery. The CRG has now had it’s first cluster engine launch. The Quadzilla was following suit right up until ejection when the shock cord snapped. The body came back to earth rather quickly and lost 3 fins while the parachute and nosecone kept climbing. They were last seen disappearing to the east still some 7-800 feet up and showing no sign of coming lower. Note to self, when building a rocket if the stock shock cord looks too thin, then it probably is.

The CRG will be having a display table and rocketry promotion at the University of Canberra Open Day on the 25th August. If any of you are coming down to Canberra on the 25th to attend or bring kids to the open days at any of the ACT universities, make sure you visit the University of Canberra in Bruce and drop in and have a chat with us at the CRG table.

Make sure you head on over to the CRG website ( ... /index.htm ) for a full report and have a look at the pictures from the day. Our Youtube channel ( also has a number of videos from previous launches. Our next launch will be on the 2nd September weather permitting. Hope to see you there.
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It is a great sight to see young ones building their own rocket to bring out to show us
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forum pic screamer 2.jpg
The Screamer trailing 2 columns of smoke
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The quadzilla just before launch
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Re: Canberra Rocketry Group 5th August Launch

Postby Kryten » Fri Aug 17, 2012 9:52 am

I do like the smoke trails from canted motors
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