Resources used in rocketry talks and displays

School and other organisation visited from rocketry clubs.

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Resources used in rocketry talks and displays

Postby mr. f » Mon Aug 09, 2010 5:15 pm

I was just wondering if someone from the QRS could briefly describe what materials they take to school talks and demos of model rocketry?

We've been running our small school-based rocket club for almost a year now and a couple of teachers/principals at other schools have asked me to visit their school and show them what we get up to.

If I do visit other schools I'd want to "do it properly" and make sure the key ideas get across.

I was thinking of trying to make a model of a BP motor out of a postpack tube to demonstrate the phases of flight in relation to the motors. I'd also like to get a big poster made up of that classic diagram showing the major phases of flight: powered flight, coasting, recovery ejection and recovery.

Any info/images of your materials would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Resources used in rocketry talks and displays

Postby kopius » Mon Aug 09, 2010 6:19 pm

Quick overview of a QRS talk:

There is generally two styles of talks we do depending on the age of the groups and if they have any specific requirements. I will just explain the larger of the two because other is just the rocketry component.

We will generally start with a discussion/demonstration on the Apollo missions and how man got to the moon. This is more focused on history of space travel and the many factors/challenges involved. We use a selection of models including a scale Saturn V that breaks down to so the various stages.

The second component is all about rocketry explaining how motors work, rockets work and some of the characteristics of a flight profile. We take a selection of LP/MP/HP rockets as static displays to show the various levels people can achieve. Australian Rocketry has a half cut rocket which shows the internal workings and we usually take that as well. This rocket display board also shows different motors and the anatomy of a rocket. (I will take a photo and post it for you)

After the talks which last for 45min - 1hr, we will launch a series of rockets (once again depending on the type of audience) which can include water rockets, air rockets, but always includes 1 or 2 launches of a BP motor.

We can go into some more detail if required, however this is the basics that have proven very successful at well over 30 talks
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Re: Resources used in rocketry talks and displays

Postby october sky » Mon Aug 09, 2010 6:35 pm

As Kopius said. Generally though the talk is followed by Q/A session and the whole thing takes around 45 min as otherwise students don't pay attention if it goes too long. Then we launch the rocket or two. :wink:

One of the things we want to do is get a DVD together in the near future so we can show launches etc.

Note that Rob has made an excellent series of photos showing events of the rocket flight. I believe it is on the low power thread and I'm sure Rob could send you the photos. We will be using them for sure. :)
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Re: Resources used in rocketry talks and displays

Postby bpratt » Mon Aug 09, 2010 7:14 pm

Here's link to some photos of the different talks and displays that QRS has done :- ... to_school/

Here's Petar with the cut away rocket board that also shows the different size single use engines available :-


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Re: Resources used in rocketry talks and displays

Postby RobAust » Mon Aug 09, 2010 7:28 pm

Hi Mr. F,

I attended a recent presentation by Ari and the QRS team at a local Brisbane library last Saturday, we had an audience of 25+ people and they asked some good questions. It is a fascinating subject and certainly captures the imagination of all.

My 7 year old Son, Austin, was having some troubles figuring out how the parachute was ejected from either the motor or when we utilised an altimeter for deployment. Despite many attempts at explaining this, I knew he was having difficulty understanding the delay charge concept.

We recently flew our rocket over in Perth and one of the menbers caught some great shots of the rocket through these stages. I thought they were ok, although was more captivated in how Austin responded to these and all of a sudden 'the light went on', "oh Dad I get it.....". I posted these images at this link he did a presentation to his class mates and now he can very easily draw and talk too the various stages of the rockets flight - shutting him up seems to be the issue !

I was discussing with Ari of flying this rocket a few more times in single deployment on a G76 (low alt flight) and capturing some higher resolution images taken of the Apogee and deployment stages. I plan to put these into a MS Powerpoint presentation so for future presentations if the team has multimedia facilities available they can step through these.

You could always substitute the Lions flag for a Crows or Port.....

The Apogee website has a great tutorial on how a black powder motor works, actually their education tab has a lot of good info.

How a black powder motor works

Any help we can be let us know ?

Rob Winchcomb
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Re: Resources used in rocketry talks and displays

Postby Lamp » Mon Aug 09, 2010 10:55 pm

I'll have to do a lower altitude launch of a larger rocket sometime to get a really good sequence of high res shots. Maybe my 4" Nike Smoke would be suitable, Rocksim predicts 700" on a H148R-6 (0.5 Sec past apogee) if DW has one or 640" on a H123W-6 (about 1.5 seconds past apogee). The trouble would be getting a suitable motor with the short delay, but subject to a suitable motor, on a sunny day I should get a really good sequence of high res shots from liftoff to the ground flying that low. :wink:

I'll have to miss the next Serpentine launch but I'll think about it for the one after that.
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Re: Resources used in rocketry talks and displays

Postby mr. f » Wed Aug 11, 2010 4:25 pm

cheers guys that info will be useful :D

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