Lenovo Tab M8 HD

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Lenovo Tab M8 HD

Postby drew » Thu Mar 18, 2021 7:23 pm

I thought it might be worth mentioning that the Lenovo Tab M8 HD (8" display Android tablet) is currently $141 at Officeworks.


It has a GPS chipset as well as MicroUSB which I prefer over USB-C in this specific use case. I say that because USB-C routinely falls out/disconnects from my phone when I use it for AltusMetrum telemetry whereas a MicroUSB OTG cable has a small amount of positive retention so it tends to stay connected better. It comes with Android 9 but is upgradable to Android 10. AltOS installs just fine via the Google Play store. I've not connected a teledongle yet but I have got GPS lock on it to confirm GPS works so my expectation is that it'll work just fine.

Moving forward I plan on using this for tracking/recovery for all my Altus Metrum GPS products. It costs a fraction of the price of most phones, has a bigger screen, and ample space to store maps. And it sure as heck beats lugging a laptop through paddocks tracking a landed rocket.
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