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Hichem 2 PACK Acrylic "ISO-FREE" paint

Posted: Mon Jan 19, 2015 10:38 am
I have had a few people ask me about the paint I utilised on my 1/2 Scale Patriot, I was looking for the effect I have seen many times on this forum by Nic, OTT and others. They all seem to utilise 2 Pack automotive spray paint, so this is the effect that I was after, unfortunately no one would sell it to me (must have been all thous dumb questions I asked, "you what Yellow paint, you mean Y23 don't you!!!") :oops: , too dangerous I was advised, how are you going to apply it, do you have access to a spray booth and a fully pressurised spray suit (on and on it went), it was looking like I would have to end up using spray cans again :cry: .

Feeling very depressed about not being able to achieve the finish I so wanted for my first L3 attempt I looked elsewhere, I found a 2 Pack paint that was about 80~90% as durable and as glossy finish as standard 2 Pack (so I was advised) but without the nasty side effects associated with standard 2 Pack.

The product was HiChem ISO-FREE Acrylic 2 Pack,

I purchased mine on ebay, but I guess you can get it anywhere, just ensure that you are well versed with the Standard Colour Codes, don't just ask for Red or Black, they will hang up on you :)