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Re: ROCKETS Magazine February 2011

Postby Lunar_Rendezvous » Wed May 04, 2011 2:16 pm

PK wrote:Mine is a 50W CO2 laser with a 600mm x 400mm cutting area.
Cost me $AU3500 including air freight when we were about $0.82 to the USD.


Thats way less than I expected, I was thinking closer to 10K

ROCKet STAR wrote:One way possible to get your hands on one without shelling out several thousand dollars would be to join one of the many hackerspace groups in Australia. I'm a member of the Sydney hackerspace and a whole bunch of us have just bought a laser cutter between us. Likewise there is no way I could have afforded one on my own.

Very good Idea, Will look into that.

PK wrote:Yep, or you can just ask... If you send me some material (assuming I don't have it in stock) and a dxf I'm happy to feed it to the machine..


If I get stuck with some complex designs I may well just do that, thanks muchly for the offer.


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Re: ROCKETS Magazine February 2011

Postby krusty » Wed May 04, 2011 8:25 pm

I've just created a post dedicated to my laser here:

thought it was better than hijacking this thread anymore than I have already ;)


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