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ROCKETS Magazine Status Update

Postby Wingnut » Mon Oct 08, 2012 11:20 pm

Below is a message from the publishers of ROCKETS Magazine:

    ROCKETS Magazine would like to thank you, our subscribers and customers, for your support over the past year and for your loyalty and patience. As you know, we have been behind schedule with the production of the magazine over the course of 2012. Our production issues have spawned some rumors of our premature demise, which are unfounded and untrue. Without going into painful detail, during this time ROCKETS Magazine felt the ripple effect of our current economic climate, combined with some family issues requiring priority attention. That is the bad news.

    The good news is we are back on track with production and have spent the summer gathering new content for our readers. In upcoming issues we will be featuring LDRS XXXI, AIRFest 18, Balls 21, an article on motor test stands, disassembly of old stuck reloads, Level 3 flight from Australia, D1ck Emery’s report on the FAA Class Three Process, Ken Good’s article on his Drake III, and many others, with corresponding videos for the major launches.

    All subscription orders will be filled. The subscribers of ROCKETS Magazine purchase issues, not years, and that allows ROCKETS Magazine to ensure that you get what you paid for. As an example, if you ordered six issues, you will receive six issues, guaranteed.

    In the next issue, you will notice that the issue dates have changed, to correspond with the actual time periods the issues are produced. Our last issue was dated as Volume 7, Issue 1-April 2012; the next issue will be dated as Volume 7, Issue 2-October 2012. This will reduce any confusion as we continue bringing you the biggest and the best rocketry has to offer.

    It bears mentioning that we are always open to new technical, build, rocketry human-interest, and launch-report articles. If you don't have something to share with the readers of ROCKETS Magazine, perhaps there is someone in your club who does. Just ask. Who knows? You might have one of those "You should write an article for ROCKETS Magazine" moments. Keep in mind that there is a new generation of rocketeers coming into the hobby every month, and your reports, experiences, and techniques will help inspire our readers to progress to the next level.

    Once again, thanks for your support of the publication. Without you, there wouldn't be a ROCKETS Magazine.

    Neil McGilvray and Bob Utley

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