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Postby kopius » Tue Jul 27, 2010 7:13 pm

These are also posted on the website http://www.rocketcontest.org.au, however please post more Questions here.

Q: We have multiple teams, do we require a launch rod and controller for each team?
A: No. You can share the one launch rod and controller between each team. You only require more than one launch rod and controller if you want to have a drag race.

Q: I have never launched a rocket before, where do I begin?
A: Everything you need to know is in the Australian Youth Rocketry Challenge Handbook. We recommend starting with a few basic kits and motors to get a basic understanding of how rockets work. There is a selection of reputable suppliers listed on the Partners & Sponsors page. They will be able to inform you of what kits are best to start with. Make sure you grab a launch rod and controller also to launch your rocket.

Q: How do we safely fly our rocket?
A: By following the model rocketry safety code, your rocket flights will be extremely safe and enjoyable. The safety code can be found in your
Australian Youth Rocketry Challenge Handbook.

Q: Where do I position my launch lugs?
A: The vertical position of your launch lugs can be critical as the rocket comes off the rod/rail. Make sure when you are learning on kits you read the instructions carefully. It is often best to centre the top lug over the CoG. REMEMBER, make sure your launch lugs are NOT in line with the fins!
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