Research Project - Rocketeers Needed!

Discussions on mid/high powered model rockets using F powered motors and above.

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Research Project - Rocketeers Needed!

Postby RobertKam » Wed Aug 24, 2022 10:48 am

My name is Robert Kammermann and I am a Year 11 Student at Navigator College in Port Lincoln, SA. As part of my SACE, I am doing a Research Project on, "How is a High-Performance Model Rocket Built?”. Before I start my own build, I am interested in collecting Qualitative data from experienced individuals and rocketeers. I would appreciate it if you could please take up some of your time to answer these questions below.

What prior experience or qualifications do you have in rocketry?

For a Mid Power Rocket, what are the best materials to use in its construction? (For Fins, Fuselage, Nose Cone etc..)?

What payloads are suitable for Mid Power Rockets?

Do you believe that techniques, concepts and analysis applied on Model Rockets are also applicable on bigger, commercial rockets?

What books or reading materials do you recommend to those starting out and those with a background in model rockets?

Are kits better for rocketeers starting out? Is scratch building a better way for rocketeers to gain a grasp on all key building techniques?

Do you recommend rocketeers join a local club nearby?

Is farmland a suitable area to launch model rockets?

Thanks in advance,

Robert Kammermann
Year 11 Student

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