Rocketfest Melbourne - Welcome

Low and Mid power rocketry just outside of Melbourne

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Rocketfest Melbourne - Welcome

Postby rockets4u » Sat May 14, 2011 4:06 pm

Rocketfests run near Beaconsfield Reservoir, Officer, a 50min drive from Chadstone allong the Monash freeway.

We are a broad church with various themes including:

Unusual scratch builds eg hollow, motors at the front, ... you think of it.
Tethered rockets -
Tall rockets (35 foot = 10.7m) -
Flying Fox rockets =

The common thread is to have fun with rockets. We also have rocketeer challenges from time to time eg a small space rocket, or what can you do with a particular tube.

We fly low to mid power, up to 160N/s impulse, (G motor) to (399.9 feet).

If you fly with us, be warned though our 20 acre site is not exactly flat and there are a "few" trees, which one of our number specialises in finding.

Want to come & fly / watch? Send me a "pm" with your email address, or send an email to & I will send all the details.

Our usual start on a chosen Sunday is :

12 Noon - If you are a Flier

1 pm If you just want to watch Rockets.

First rocket flies at 1pm sharp!

Hope to see you there! :)
Motors to the fore. Let the air through the rocket. Fins are a drag. The paint is the payload.

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