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Rocketfest XXIII is on Sunday 10th November 2019

Posted: Sun Oct 27, 2019 10:04 pm
by rockets4u
Hi Rocket watchers & fliers,

The fliers have still to work out a theme for the rockets, so at the moment, it's a surprise!

Please come at:

12 Noon - If you are a Flier

1 pm If you just want to watch Rockets.

First rocket flies at 1pm sharp!

If you have not been before & want to come pls send me a Personal Message - (hit the pm button at the bottom left of this post) with your email address, or send an email to & I will send the location details.

It’s too far ahead to have any idea about the weather, so just in case, please check back here on Sunday am in case of postponement.

You are invited to fly or watch, but be warned our 20 acre site is not exactly flat and there are a "few" trees, which one (or two) of our number specialise in finding, streamers rather than chutes are good for that last few meters of recovery! If anyone has a Drone with a hook, that would be good too!

Hope to see you there!



Re: Rocketfest XXIII is on (1 hour earlier) Sun 10th Nov

Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 7:48 pm
by rockets4u
Hi Rocket watchers & fliers,

Our landlord has a BBQ to attend so we are moving everything one hour earlier.

Please come at:11am - If you are a Flying, 11:50am If you just want to watch Rockets. First rocket flies at High Noon

The Theme is Surprise, & All Things Weird & Wonderful, “Normal” unthemed rockets are, as always, most welcome!

So for it looks like the bad weather is finishing on Saturday. Sunday has 40% chance of 1mm rain, most likely in the morning. In case the forecast weather gets worse though (Wet/windy) please check there is no postponement by watching or checking my latest post here.

We are also going to try out a Drone for Fishing rockets out of trees, aerial footage and possibly a real air start.

Cheers, Ross