Learning About Hybrid Engines The Fun Way

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Learning About Hybrid Engines The Fun Way

Postby fanga » Wed May 01, 2019 2:56 pm

Howdy Gang

I wanted to share with you my first attempt at building a Hybrid engine and show off some of my first static tests

My goal in building test Hybrid engines is to learn everything I can about how Hybrids work. I love to build and test things so starting with Hybrids is something I'm excited about.

I'll keep you posted here on my adventures.

Here's my favorite static fire so far:

Also here is my first day of building:

Its just under 14 mins long and has a few firing attempts. Fast forward to the end if you want to see them. My Daughter spent a couple of hours editing this video and pulling together the shots. A huge thank you to he for helping me out.

The rig is a simple piece of Galv water pipe and cap fittings from Bunnings. I also took advantage of the current deal at BOC gas to give me 2 bottles of GOX for $79 a year. I will no doubt turn to NOX very shortly but for the initial firing I am ok with the results i'm getting from GOX.

The fuel is a 25mm rod of HDPE. I bought 2 lengths for $55 (min purchase unfortunately) and they look like should last me for lots of test fires.

The stand is some simple Aluminium brackets I found hanging around.

I have purchased some new stuff for a full test stand set up. I'll post some pics etc as I get this built. The next thing is to start recording some real results. i have a load cell ready to measure thrust generated and looking to purchase some pressure and temperature measurement devices.

Man this has been a lot of fun to get this far. I am sure I will engage with you along the lines to get more technical and deep dive into some of the more cool stuff. Big smiles on my face every day thinking about engines. It's good to be back into Rocketry

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