Tripoli Rocketry Association Dates for 2019

Based in the greater Melbourne region, MARS is the home of amateur rocketry in Victoria. (Not to be confused with the planet, we are much closer than the planet and operate less rovers)

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Tripoli Rocketry Association Dates for 2019

Postby OverTheTop » Fri Mar 01, 2019 4:23 pm

Tripoli Rocketry Association Dates for 2019

Finally we've had buy in from all of our stakeholders and we can now present to you the club's dates for the year.

Launch Dates:
The committee has decided to do something a little different this year by trying to squeeze in a few extra launches at the start of the season as the weather and ground conditions are usually a little better.

April 27 & 28 - These dates have been penciled in IF fire season is lifted early
May 4th & 5th
May 19th
June 1st & 2nd
June 23rd
July 7th
August 4th
September 1st
October 6th
November 3rd IF fire season hasn't been declared by then

Club Nights
We'll again be having a number of guest speakers to talk to us about rocketry and related cool stuff. We'll be meeting at the Oakleigh/Carnegie RSL at 6:30 pm for dinner with the presentation to kick off around 7pm.

March 14th - Esteemed member and CFA volunteer, Sascha Grant, will be speaking to us about fires and how to manage them
May 9th - Presentation on Thunda 2019 highlights?
July 20th - 50th Anniversary of the first Moon Landing. There'll be a combined event with all the Victorian Rocketry clubs in the evening. Stay tuned for details!
October 3rd - TBA

AGM - 20th November
The Club AGM will take place at the Oakleigh/Carnegie RSL from 6:30pm
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