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The Australian Model Rocket Society Inc. (AMRS) is Australia's premiere representative body for rocketry which advocates for its various member groups and exists to serve the broader rocketry community.

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AMRS Records Committee Facebook Page

Postby drew » Fri May 27, 2016 5:43 pm

Afternoon all,

In the spirit of being social and engaging with the public I've taken the opportunity to create an AMRS Records Committee Facebook Page.

I plan to keep the page up to date with relevant AMRS Records as soon they are recognised by the Committee. And while the Records page on the AMRS web site will be the "official" repository for current records having a Facebook presence will provide a current account as well as historical account of records that have since been superseded.

So get out there and attempt your own record flight, be it an altitude or a 'speed demon' record attempt! As you can see there's still ample opportunity to claim your own record. Please make sure to reference the Altitude Records documentation in the AMRS members section if you'd like further information, otherwise drop me a PM and I can answer you questions!
Andrew Hamilton
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AMRS Records Committee Chairman
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