Queensland explosives licence

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Queensland explosives licence

Postby Raaahbin » Tue Feb 26, 2019 11:24 am

Hi folks,

Back in 2015 we were encouraged to apply for explosives licences if we were going to be launching at Thunda. As it turned out, those licences took forever to process (so hadn't actually been issued by the time the event happened), but also didn't really seem to be necessary (in practice, no-one seemed concerned about who did or didn't have such licences, although presumably at least the event organisers had everything they needed).

What is the story this year - should those of us who don't normally launch in Queensland and are covered by our local clubs in other states, be looking to apply for new licences for Thunda 2019? Or does it not really matter?

Looking forward to seeing everyone in a couple of months!

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