A big thanks to everybody.

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A big thanks to everybody.

Postby camacd » Mon Apr 22, 2019 12:08 pm

I just want to say a big thank you to everybody who made the event so fantastic. It had a different vibe from last time - the Uni competition brought a new flavour and feel the the event.

Having the food vans and coffeee (yeahhh coffeee!!!!!) was good too. My son and I lost our big rocket, made some new friends.

We shared our gazebo with Daryl Thomas while he made his interviews. I was amazed at the sheer brainpower of all the people he talked to, while I pfaffed around prepping my launches.

So thanks very much to all who cpntributed. Now, what will I build to replace Mohammed Ali.......
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Re: A big thanks to everybody.

Postby Raaahbin » Tue Apr 23, 2019 12:35 am

Agreed - it was an excellent event. Thanks to everyone for making it so!

We're all home and starting to wash the dust out of our clothes. It was great to have the uni flights there, and it seemed to sustain the event well, compared with last time when everyone just seemed a bit blown out by wind and dust on the final day. Hopefully everyone still there on Sunday morning enjoyed my "eggs up" launch (and apologies to the folks prepping on the F pads who suddenly had a horde of kids stampeding towards them!)

No idea if we'll make it to NZ next February, but I'll look forward to seeing many of you again at future events!
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Re: A big thanks to everybody.

Postby october sky » Mon May 06, 2019 3:31 pm

Chiming in here finally as without the people like you all this wouldn't happen and HUGE THANKS go to Blake and his family as it is a huge thing to pull together but it was AWESOME.

I want to thank few people here that made my launch possible. Firstly to Karl to get my rocket parts to the flight line. Had to make a second igniter as the first one was spat out...just like 4 years ago on my OZ AREA 51 Dave ( Scoop ) made another and it worked. Blake, thanks for the Blue Thunder and BP for the igniter. 8) Drew , thank's mate so much for lending your ute with Ben to help to get crew to the launch pad. And, it was just so food to see so many rocket friends again and meet some new. Too many to name here. :lol:

Ps. AC ( George ) did an awesome job on the video as he always does. Thank you so much mate. :D
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