Water rocket launch with parachute

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Water rocket launch with parachute

Postby Rendermaniac » Tue Feb 18, 2020 9:48 pm

We managed to get a very simple NOAA parachute launch in our local park this weekend:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qj_X8zA ... e=youtu.be

I may have gone a little overboard with the editing...

A few things we observed:

  • When making the parachute I started off with guy ropes, but switched to kite string as it was a lot lighter.
  • The NOAA technique was suprisingly reliable. We only got a couple of "open on impact" moments.
  • We put a camera in the nose cone, but as it is designed to fall off the video was pretty awful.
    • It did help move the centre of mass forwards so we will definitely keep something in the nose cone (hopefully simple telemetry soon - I have some ideas).
    • Next flight I am planning on fixing the camera to the rocket body - and maybe sticking the end with the lense out over the side through a hole in the fairing
  • The kids want to launch a payload with it's own parachute
    • We did try launching a toy soldier with a parachute, but it got caught up in the main chute
    • Would some sort of sabot work? ie a a section of bottle that gets pulled out by the main chute and springs apart? Or maybe just a spring loaded door that gets released by the main chute
  • The current launch system is a little limiting. As it is based off exceeding a pressure threshold - and we don't yet have a pressure gauge - we don't actually know when it will launch!
    • This also limits our pressure - which I think is quite a large limitation.
    • Before swapping out the launcher I was thinking we can probably fashion a simple clip - which should let us increase pressure slightly and allow us to have a proper countdown.

And thank you so much to George Katz for your amazing water rocket YouTube channel and website - it is very inspirational!


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