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AeroTech Hobbyline News

Postby Viking » Thu Jun 30, 2016 1:33 pm

As the Hobbyline stuff, and the 29/40-120 in particular is so popular, I thought it might be worth sharing the latest on the return of the 29/40-120 Red reload, and updates on the other new Hobbyline reloads... straight from the horses mouth (Charlie Savoie via TRF)

ATGM wrote:We have the 24/60 blue and red almost wrapped up and also are working on some 29/40-120 red and sparky loads. A bunch of other stuff but those are the main ones at this time.

Quizzed about a 24mm plugged FWD closure:
ATGM wrote:I will respond to this question with an answer that more broadly covers the subject of Hobby hardware in general; we are currently updating the hardware and that includes things like the 24mm plugged closure but most notably you will see some pricing adjustments made in the favor of the consumer. Look for AT to get the hobby hardware pricing down in the next 45-60 days.

A sparky for the 29/40-120!

EDIT: Fingers crossed they are ready to go for the AR 2016 motor order....
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