Dyneema cord

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Dyneema cord

Postby air.command » Tue Oct 26, 2021 1:20 pm

Hey guys, I am looking to buy some shock cord and came across Dyneema. Is this something that is useful as a shock cord? It seems to have all the right qualities, but wanted to see if anyone has had experience with it.
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It's only money...
It's only money...
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Re: Dyneema cord

Postby OverTheTop » Tue Oct 26, 2021 4:50 pm

This is the sort of stuff that is supplanting the regular steel-wire rope used in 4WD winches and such. Much less mass at the front of the vehicle and just as strong if you select the right thickness. It is only polyethylene so would need protection from heat and abrasion.

Great that it is available in the thinner sizes.
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Re: Dyneema cord

Postby Aquaman33 » Wed Oct 27, 2021 2:54 pm

I used Dyneema fishing line as a kid (for fishing, not rockets) and it was amazing stuff.

I bought a cheap spool of braided fishing line for my L2 parachute and I believe that is some variant of Dyneema.

Seems ideal for water rockets, but I think I will stick with kevlar for rockets with pyro ejection charges.

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