Sticky PML parachute

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Sticky PML parachute

Postby martymonsta » Sat Apr 11, 2015 10:17 pm

I got a new PML 36" parachute at thunda and was really impressed with it. I flew it as the main on my L2 certification flight and it worked wonderfully, I had it packed loosely in a deployment bag. Then today I got it out to check how small a space I could pack it into so I can figure out how big the parachute bay on my next project needs to be, I folded and then compressed it by hand. I then released it and whipped it round to check that it would deploy. It only half deployed, the white gores where stuck to themselves. It felt like they had a tacky film on the inside. I wondered if there was some residue on the chute from the L2 Flight however I don't belive that it is the case because it was packed inside a deployment bag inside a nomex protector and the tacky film is only on the white and not on the red. I washed the chute in warm soapy water and drip dried. I then attempted the same thing and once again the chute only half deployed. Here is what it looks like,

Note the white gores stick to themselves. Has anyone else had this issue with a chute, or have something that removes the sticky film without damaging the chute. It appears to me to be something from the manufacturering process. I'm glad that I found this at home on the ground and not at 200m while my new project is going 100fps toward the ground
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Re: Sticky PML parachute

Postby Oldboy » Sat Apr 11, 2015 10:44 pm

Talc it up.
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Re: Sticky PML parachute

Postby fud pucker » Sun Apr 12, 2015 4:59 am

It is better storing your chutes unfolded and only rigging on the day of the flight. And as Oldboy said, a light sprinkle of talcum on each panel stops sticking.

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