24mm RAG tower

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24mm RAG tower

Postby Lister » Fri Apr 22, 2016 11:32 pm

I needed something to test launch the MD24's. Happyheyoka is making some fly away rail guides to suit a 1010 rail so I figured a simple tower would be the way to go. Seeing as a few people are building MD24's I thought I should share this simple one.. hopefully we will get more and more people launching pencil sized rockets on CTI 24mm 6G motors 8)

I started by making a centring ring with the central hole a bit bigger than the OD of the airframe, marked and cut out where the fins will pass through. I then sanded out 6 holes on the corner of each fin slot big enough that some short sections of home made 1/4" launch lug to fit in without them being in the way of the airframe or fins. Then mix some epoxy, once its properly mixed add some chopped CF, FG or kevlar (about 2-4mm long) and mix it through. Allow the epoxy to start to go off a little so it thickens, then apply it to your centring ring around the holes and to the outside of the launch lug sections and press them into the holes.

once thats cured take your centring ring and place it onto a bit of ply at least 1/2" thick (better off with 1" ply) and mark the centre if each lug section and drill them out, make sure your drill is 1-2mm smaller than the rod your using so it will hold onto the rod. Then attach some feet to your plywood base, make sure the feet are at least a couple of inches high, you will also need another smaller section of the wood used for the feet attached to the underside if the base where your rods will sit.

Now cut 6x 1M lengths of 1/4" steel rod or use 1/2" rod and grind the tips down to allow them to fit in the lugs. Then hammer your rods through the holes you drilled and a little way into the support block underneath.

then attach the centring ring to the top and your good to go.

When I was playing with this yesterday I noticed that if you add a couple more centring rings along the length and make the rods taller you can twist the rods to make a helical launcher.. im going to have a play and see if I can get a helical launched to work with this configuration.
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