CRG frist high power launch for 2014

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CRG frist high power launch for 2014

Postby Busterandjo » Tue Feb 11, 2014 9:31 pm

Canberra Rocketry Group will be holding our next high power launch at our Ardlethan site on the weekend of the 8th and 9th March 2014 weather and fire danger permitting. The High Power launch site has a ceiling of 15 000 feet and is located in wide open paddocks with few trees. We will also be launching low and mid power rockets. All rocketeers are welcome to come along and fly to their certification level. Launching will kick off about 8:30 each morning and will wrap up about 5pm on the Saturday and 1pm on Sunday. If you would like to come along, let us know through either a message on Facebook, the forum or through email to

CRG has the launch equipment to launch low, mid power rockets on rods and high power rockets on 1010 rail (up to 2.8 metres long). We are not hybrid capable at the moment but rocketeers are more than welcome to bring along their own launch kit to supplement ours or to launch their own rockets if they need something that we do not have.

Ardlethan is about 3 ½ hours from Canberra, 4 ½ hours from Sydney and about 5 hours from Melbourne. Head to the CRG website ( and go to the High power page for more details on the site. Click on the following link for a Google maps link showing the location of Ardlethan –

There are several options for accommodation in the area however these are limited as Ardlethan and surrounding towns are fairly small. There are pubs at both Ardlethan and Beckom and Ardlethan has a caravan park. The London Hotel Motel in Mirrool St Ardlethan is where most of us stay and have a good feed at a reasonable price – and the beer is nice and cold. We will meet up there for a meet and greet and a feed on the Friday night (7th March).

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