Flying again

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Flying again

Postby Raaahbin » Wed Apr 27, 2022 9:40 pm

Hi folks,

It's obviously been a pretty messy couple of years, especially for anything that involves either getting together with people, moving stuff around or travelling internationally... but I finally got to my first (VRA) launch in over a year just last weekend. It was brilliant! However, after burning a few more AP motors, my remaining stock levels are getting very low. I imagine others might be starting to run low on things as well. So while I don't want to ask for a firm date if there's no such thing yet, do we have a general idea when AusRocketry might start importing supplies - especially motors - again?

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Re: Flying again

Postby ToniC » Tue May 03, 2022 11:22 pm

I'm also keen to hear of any updates on this.
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